Geiger Fashion

Our family.

We are all very different personalities: we are designers, astute entrepreneurs, innovative thinkers and lovers of fine things. But, first and foremost, we are family. Each generation is born with enthusiasm for what we do, and over the years this blossoms into a passion.

Our origins.

Home is where your family is. For us, that is Schwaz in Tyrol. This is where our roots are, and where our values come from: sustainability, which is not just a cliché for us but simply comes naturally; our pleasure in textile craftsmanship, which never fails us, because we first experienced it at our mother’s knee; and our sense of creating something special – our guiding principle since 1906.


Our promise.

We take the time to make each and every garment beautiful, with no compromises, and in turn we allow nature the time it needs to provide us with our materials. So it is that we combine a feeling for quality with the skills of a craftsman, to create long-lasting, timeless fashion classics.