Materials science.

Our approach has always been a sustainable one. This means that we use hand-picked sheep’s wool in our factory, where it is gently knitted, felted and further processed. Available in a range of thicknesses from “super-light Walk” to the heavy-duty “alpine Walk”, wool and boiled wool (Walk) can be worn all year round.


Its high elasticity, its ability to absorb moisture without feeling wet and the way it keeps its shape make wool a natural, multi-functional miracle.

Natural Walk.

When pure new wool is skilfully felted, trapping numerous tiny air chambers, the result is Natural Walk. Its natural properties make it especially hardwearing and water-repellent and it retains heat well.


With our Natural Walk process, we are helping to protect the environment. We consume up to 90% less energy than other processes and we use raw materials responsibly. Furthermore, we use no chemical anti-pilling treatments and only nickel-free buttons.